The Smashing Pumpkins sure did surprise their fans when they brought a surprise guest on stage! That surprise guest happened to be Chino Moreno of the Deftones.

Watching a band I have loved since middle school and a man I'm deeply in love with being on stage together is breathtaking! Billy Corgan even said it himself he's kept his eye on him for years and soon after his speech called out Chino Moreno to come on stage. Once Chino got on stage, they got they got the ball rolling with Smashing Pumpkins "Bodies." Chino Moreno ended up covering the vocals for that song instead of the original singer Billy Corgan. But I am sure no one was complaining about Chino taking over that song and Billy playing guitar and occasionally back up vocals. Sometimes other artists butcher a song by messing up the lyrics or the beat but Chino did a magnificent job alongside Billy Corgan. You can check out the performance thanks to Jim Powers who caught a great view of the show!

You can't help but want to give a standing ovation for them even though it already happened.

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