You either remember Alicia Silverstone from her ditzy role in Clueless or scandalous self on Aerosmith's "Cryin" music video. Earlier this month Alicia Silverstone was featured on Lip Sync Battle singing her heart out. She made a good choice on one particular song she chose to sing on the show. Alicia Silverstone sang her heart out to Aerosmith's "Cryin" and got a great reaction from the crowd.

In 1989 Alicia Silverstone was featured on Aerosmith's music video for "Cryin" which made sense for her to sing. Her outfit even brought back the feels to the 80's hard rock look. She definitely made karaoke love to that mic as she sang on stage. The "Cryin"  music video had won Video of the Year on the MTV Video Music Awards. Check out her performance on Lip Sync Battle which clearly still shows she has definitely got it. Just like in the music video she even got rebellious on stage with her opponent.

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