This mom sure does care about feeding the birds by protecting the food from the squirrel thieves. Watching this hungry squirrel make a couple of attempts to steal some food from the birdhouse will crack you up!

Daquan Gesese was waiting for the moment he would catch a squirrel trying to steal some bird food again. Luckily, Daquan focused his recording device on the furry little thief trying to climb to the top. The squirrel probably assumed it was going to leave with a full tummy but instead left with slippery claws. I guarantee you will laugh as hard as I did witnessing this furry dude failing in the funniest way possible. If you have a birdhouse like this, then you should consider oiling up the stick like they did. Not only does it spare you from running out of food so quickly but also makes for great entertainment. This mom sure does show her intelligence with this creative idea to keep the squirrel out of the bird food.

This quick and funny illustration will give you the giggles just like it did for Daquan.

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