Getting all types of skanky for Halloween is a must and a wonderful tradition I have been partaking in for years. Now, there is a new trend on the rise.....getting slutty for Santa.


While I was out in California I saw one of the best pub crawls I have seen in a long time. Everyone knows about the usual pub crawl attire- snuggies, onesies, and anything that basically you look ridiculous in.

In San Diego, I saw a pub crawl that was about 40 people deep- all dressed as Santas. There were tons of guys in the whole ensemble: red pants and jacket, hat, and white beard. But then you had some people who dressed as elves and even a couple reindeers. But my favorite were the girls dressed up all slutty in the middle of December. If you drink enough, you can't even feel the cold weather!

Now I love any excuse to get dressed up and wear a themed outfit. I'm a closet Cosplayer at heart. One of my favorite places to get these outfits from is called J. Valentine. They are a known supplier of fabulous outfits for not only Halloween, but Christmas and they make some of the best outfits for raves I've ever seen.

You can check out their Facebook here. Also, you can get onto their website and view the catalog here.  To find authorized J. Valentine suppliers click here.

So here are a few of my all time favorite christmas outfits they make for you to spice up your work's holiday party. If you sit on Santa's lap, you may arise such a clatter in his pants.