Slipknot Bassist Paul Gray's daughter can sue her father's doctor for loss of companionship even though she wasn't born when he died.

The Iowa Supreme Court has ruled that the daughter of the late Slipknot Bassist Paul Gray can sue his doctors for the loss of her father's companionship.

Paul Gray's wife Brenna filed a wrongful death lawsuit against his doctor, Dr. Daniel Baldi, and other medical care providers on behalf of their daughter in July 2014.

A lower court rejected the suit because the girl was only a fetus at the time of her father's death in 2010 of an overdose. Now the State's Supreme Court ruled that the suit could go ahead.

In May 2010, Paul Gray was found dead in a hotel room  in Iowa. He died of an overdose of morphine and fentanyl at only 38 years old.

His wife said her husband was in drug addiction treatment and didn't believe that Dr. Baldi and other medical care providers properly monitored his treatment. She sued for loss of spousal consortium on behalf of their unborn daughter. The girl was born several months after her father died.

Brenna Gray's lawsuit was thrown out because of the two-year statute of limitations, however their daughter can file a claim up until her tenth birthday. The statute does not apple to those 8 years of age and under.

The doctor's attorneys argued that Gray's daughter was of "negative age" so she couldn't be considered under 8 years old.

The State Supreme Court ruled that his daughter could pursue damages because she "experienced the loss of her father's support, companionship, aid, affection, comfort and guidance after she was born, not before."

All but one judge agreed with the decision. The seventh judge didn't take part in the case. Read more at the DailyMail.

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