Is Skrillex still a thing? When "Scary Monsters and Nice Sprites" came out I had just turned 21 and it seemed like they were playing it at every bar I set foot in. It was a balmy World Cup summer and many of the bars I went to were having watch parties, but as soon as commercials or the game ended, there it was, "Scary Monsters and Nice Sprites." But it turns out that maybe the bar owners were on to something- they wanted to keep the mosquitoes away!

According to a new study, electronic music- specifically "Scary Monsters and Nice Sprites" is a very effective mosquito repellent! Scientists believe that sound and reception are important to population maintenance in some animals. With insects, loud noises can disrupt their... sexy time as well as their feeding time.

The study contained two different environments- one without music and the other with music. In the no noise environment, mosquitoes attacked their subject, a hamster, must faster than in the no nose environment. Also, mosquitoes in the noisy environment were doing it a lot less than in the noisy environment.

"Scary Monsters and Nice Sprites" is a pretty cool song, but trust that if I heard that while trying to eat, or, God forbid, in the bedroom, I too would not be able to do anything! I wonder if all of Skrillex's library repels mosquitoes or if it's just that one song? This summer, I'll find out!

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