This is where you cue in the song "Sweet Home Alabama" for this if you have any relatives that were teenagers around the 70's. They probably lied to you saying they didn't do crazy things when they actually did. Many moons ago locals would attempt to go skiing in the Rio Grande. Someone I know (not a relative) had posted about a memory she remembers that I couldn't believe even existed. Apparently, in the 70s El Pasoans were allowed to drive, park, and picnic at the level of Rio Grande. This was only allowed between Country Club and Borderland.  Because people were allowed to do just that some daredevils used it to their advantage.

The ones that took advantage of such a privilege were either the macho dudes or future stuntmen. Susie Shaw Betts recalls witnessing the crazy shenanigans that went down on the Rio Grande. Back then there was more water in the river so that meant it was deeper in the banks. Basically how this would work is someone would strap on the slalom ski while someone driving a truck would pull them along the banks. She also mentioned the people who pulled off this stunt didn't get hurt to her knowledge but could have. If you're wondering if she ever tried this dangerous stunt the answer is no.

It is always a pleasure to hear stories of people and places that remind us why we love our city. If you have also heard stories about skiing down the Rio Grande then place your vote below.

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