Speaking Rock Entertainment Center is bringing in the boys from New Jersey, Skid Row! That's right all the way from the gutters come one of my favorite late 80's bands!

If you were a fan of Skid Row and still are, May 12, 2017 will surely bring a smile to your face. Now if you haven't been following the band as of late, things are a little different. First and foremost they are without their original singer/screamer Sebastian Bach. The band has been steadily been keeping in the public eye, with new albums and vocalists'. Today the band consists of at least three original member's Rachel Bolan on bass, Scotti Hill on guitar, Dave "The Snake" Sabo with new member's Rob Hammersmith on drums and last but not least ZP Theart on vocals.

I haven't seen this incarnation of the current line up but you can bet your bottom dollar I'll be there, and I'll see you there too!

  • Speaking Rock Entertainment Center
  • 122 South Old Pueblo Road
  • El Paso, Texas 79907

Don't miss this free show happening Friday May 12, with Skid Row!