The 24-hour challenge is a fundraiser that benefits the TACP association.

TACP stands for Tactical Air Control Party. These usually consists of a team of two or more United States Air Force Tactical Air Controllers. Starting at midnight tonight, at least one member of each team will be running, at all times, for 24 hours. The total number of miles they cover is what determines the amount of money raised.

According to the group's website:

The vision and the focus of the members have since changed; becoming one of helping not only our past and present brothers in arms, but also the communities in which we live. Our community of warriors is small, and TACP has always been one of the smallest careers in the entire scope of the Armed Services. It is that small size that has created that camaraderie upon which our Association is based.
The fundamental goal of our organization is to provide support to those members and families in their moment of need and to better the communities in which we reside.

Last year the group raised $110,000! For information on how you can donate or otherwise help, call either of these numbers:

  • (512) 417 - 7327
  • (907) 687 - 9335

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