Yesterday was known as "Dating Sunday," and if you saw more matches than normal on your dating apps, here's why. At the beginning of November every year, people discuss the beginning of "cuffing season," a time when people look for that special someone to cuddle up with during the cold winter months. Plenty of unhappy couples will stay together during the holidays just to not face awkward questions from family and friends about where their partners are.

After all the festivities are over, people have time to themselves to figure out if the person they're dating is really the right one for them.

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Rather than spending this time alone to figure out what they really want in a partner, the newly single are hopping back onto the dating apps to give themselves another chance at love. That leads us to yesterday, known as "Dating Sunday," the busiest day of the year on dating apps, according to Tinder.

The dating site says they see 10% more users signing up on this day, as well as 35% more people swiping left and right, per Daily Mail. According to Refiner29, Bumble say a 15% spike in matches in 2020 and there was a 78% increase of new users on CoffeeMeetsBagel in 2018.

Specifically, the hours between 7 p.m. to 10 p.m. last night were predicted to be more active than any other time on Dating Sunday.

So if you're on the dating apps giving love another chance, take the time to update your profiles and maybe swipe right on new love.

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