If some of us could show up to work barefoot they would do it. You know it is extremely comforting to be barefoot and let your feet breathe. National Barefoot Day takes place on June 1 that some may or may not participate in.

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Now this kind of day allows you to kick off your shoes and be barefoot wherever. Even though we all know we can't just be barefoot wherever we would like. This kind of day reminds me of the ladies who would run or walk barefoot downtown leaving the clubs to their car.

You would see some ladies walking barefoot with heels in hand around Union Plaza where 1914, Republic, Black Pearl, and WET used to be. Plus, when you're intoxicated walking barefoot on the dirty street or sidewalk doesn't matter but just your comfort. Now a lot of dudes should know about this struggle their ladies had then.

After all, it was usually the men who had to carry the women from the nightclub to their ride. Partying around Union Plaza back then was difficult because of the limited parking spaces. Parking in the garage off Durango St. then you had an easy walk in heels to and from the club.

You would especially see some ladies walking up that bridge on Durango St. barefoot before Southwest Park University existed. But I have not seen as many barefoot ladies anywhere else besides Union Plaza then. This shout-out goes out to all the El Paso women who risked stepping on glass walking barefoot after clubbing.

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