Many companies test current and prospective employees for drugs but, some companies are quietly dropping ... or ignoring the results of ... tests for marijuana.

Companies using this new approach are being really quiet about it so, there's no surefire way to tell who's doing it and who isn't. (Especially in Texas where public opinion seems pretty much pro - weed, yet the bigshots insist it remain illegal.)

So, why the subtle move away from marijuana testing? Because, employers need staff and, according to KVIA, marijuana testing:

excludes too many potential workers, experts say, at a time when filling jobs is more challenging than it's been in nearly two decades.

Makes sense to me, especially in or near states who have legalized ganja. (Learn more) Besides, if you can't be penalized for having alcoholic drinks after work, why should pot be any different?

Heroin, cocaine, opioids, (whose legal counterparts fill many a medicine cabinet) and others I can see being kept on tests and on the controlled substances list. 'Da mota though??  Nah...

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