Tomorrow, the restrictions regarding El Paso area restaurants will be eased and they will be allowed to reopen. Should they?

Tomorrow, (5/1/20), is the day the state of Texas begins to reopen. Not all businesses are allowed to come back just yet and many that can are choosing not to. Restaurants can resume dine-in operations as long as they only seat a certain percentage of their normal capacity and follow a few other new guidelines. However, not all of them are ready, or even willing to do that yet.

Some, like Rib Hut, can't wait to welcome back their hungry customers. Others, like Kiki's are going to keep their dining areas closed for a while longer. It is, of course, up to the individual restaurants but what do you ... the dining public ... think?

Is it the right time to reopen restaurants or, should they stick to only carryout, curbside and delivery for a while longer?

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