There are some schools in Texas that will be requiring students to use clear backpacks from here on out. Also, Dallas recently decided to jump on that bandwagon to help protect the safety of the students and staff.

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Some Texas school districts will require students to use clear backpacks just for precaution according to KVIA. Now, I am not an expert but feel in my opinion, a clear backpack can only do so much.

Now if they really mean business they should install metal detectors at all entrances of the doors. But yes, that would cost an arm and two legs for schools to make that happen.

But just look at how the shooter in Uvalde approached it, he just walked right in without hiding anything. So what makes you think a shooter won't conceal a weapon beneath their clothes while using a clear backpack?

If you ask me, if they really want to protect students, the best route to go is to hire guards who are armed at every door entrance. Since other Texas school districts will require clear backpacks, do you think it will be enforced here in El Paso?

I can see how some students (such as females) would maybe feel uncomfortable simply because of mother nature that visits monthly. For a couple of years, Nolan Richardson Middle School had required clear backpacks until recently. Should schools in El Paso require clear backpacks, you can purchase them at Academy.

But it is no surprise that there are actually bulletproof backpacks you can purchase through Bulletproof Zone.

I spoke to the receptionist who told me as of this new school year they won't be requiring clear backpacks. I want your opinion on whether you think El Paso should require clear backpacks or keep it how it is in the poll below.

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