An El Paso man with no family in the area will be laying his "angel" to rest on Friday. He has no family in the area and is asking the public to attend her service. The people of El Paso have been showing their strength and resilience after a shooting that shook the very core of our community. The hole that has been left in our heart is slowly healing, through all the outpouring of love and support we are receiving from not only our fellow El Pasoans but from all over the world. One by one, the victims of the August 3rd shooting are being laid to rest, with their loved ones by their side. One victim who will be remembered on Friday is 63-year-old Margie Reckard, who will be buried by her loving husband Antonio Basco.

KVIA anchor Wil Herren talked about his first encounter with a panicked Basco on the night of the shooting, looking for his "angel":

"The day of the tragedy this man came running up to me wanting to know where his wife was. Today he is kneeling at the memorial where her life was taken away."

Reckard and Basco had been married for over two decades and he's told the local media he's all alone now. He's been seen several times at the memorial, paying his respects and remembering his beloved wife. After his heartbreaking story was revealed, a local media journalist started a Go Fund Me to help him as well.

On Friday, Antonio Basco will be burying his beautiful wife and is inviting the entire community to join him in saying goodbye to his other half. Perches Funeral Home posted on their Facebook page about her funeral and welcoming the public to attend: