Who Keeps Vandalizing Property In The Kern Neighborhood?

Earlier this week residents of the Kern Place neighborhood near UTEP woke up to a shocking discovery in their local park. Pictures were posted to the NextDoor social media site showing damages done to the grass in the park. The pictures showed that someone drove through Madeline Park, located off Cincinnati Street tucked away in the Kern Place neighborhood.

There were large tire marks and the grass was ripped up in several areas. Pictures posted by a neighbor in the NextDoor app showed the damage the next morning and how bad it really was.

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Thankfully, the City of El Paso was quick to respond and a police report was filed with the El Paso Police Department. Neighbors are also going through their security footage to see if there was any evidence or vehicles that could be seen. According to neighbors, the people who drove through the park must have done the activity between 10 p.m. and 5:45 a.m. the next morning.

Unfortunately, this is the second act of vandalism that has been seen at Madeline Park. Last month, the new chess and ping pong tables opened up at the park and less than a week later, someone stole the chess pieces and ping pong paddles from the park. Thankfully, after posts were made on various social media sites the ping pong paddles, balls, and chess pieces were all returned to the park.

Hopefully whoever drove through the park is caught and helps pays for the damages to the landscape. The grass was donated by the El Paso Locomotive FC and installed by El Paso Parks workers for the neighborhood to enjoy. And when people do acts like this, no one can enjoy it.

Lisa Sanchez
Lisa Sanchez


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