Silence can often be the ultimate form of rebellion. Shadows Fall employed this tactic a few years back, going on a hiatus after noticing an overall decrease in their show attendance. Apparently, the estranged band are "trying" to make reunion shows happen again.

Though the members decided to give Shadows Fall a rest, they didn't give up on their careers in music entirely. Drummer Jason Bittner is currently playing with Overkill, guitarist Jon Donais is with Anthrax, guitarist Matt Bachand joined Act of Defiance and vocalist Brian Fair fronts Downpour and Hell Night.

Bittner has been giving updates on Shadows Fall's status the most frequently, now stating that they are struggling to find time to do a reunion between their current acts. "We always chat dates but our schedules are just whack right now between Anthrax and Overkill both being active touring bands — we are trying, but we’re still waiting for the right time," he said in a tweet.

The last time Shadows Fall played live together was in 2015, so hopefully they can find some time to end the hiatus soon.

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