Lucky for you El Paso will have Texas Covid-19 Mobile Testing Teams set up around the 915. It is scary that some people are asymptomatic carrying Covid-19 and spreading it without even knowing. Well, if you've been itching to get yourself tested you can set up your appointment to test at one of the mobile testing sites. You can make your appointment by phone calling this number 512-883-2400 or online When you know you're going to get tested sort of puts your mind at ease. Eventually, you will get your results whether they be positive or negative.

In my case, I was having some symptoms over 3 days that had me worried. I set up an appointment at the nearest clinic to get myself tested to be safe. I had to self-quarantine for a couple of weeks until my results came in. It was the scariest and most difficult thing for me to do. I stayed couped up and avoided seeing my kids until my results came in. It took almost a full-blown week to get my negative results back from the clinic. I guess I could say a week is than those who continue to still wait after weeks of waiting.

If you feel you need to get tested for Covid-19 then set up your appointment to visit the mobile testing units. There will be 6 Texas Covid-19 Mobile Testing Teams scattered throughout the city tomorrow. Hopefully, you can get penciled in and if you do I hope your results come back negative.

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