September Mourning ducked in the Buzz Adams Morning Show studio on their way to another gig and they played us some acoustic material. (More on that later.) But while the band was here, I sat down with September herself to find out just how far all of these theatrics go.

It turns out, September Mourning has a huge mythology, a lot of stagecraft and one very savvy leader. September (Emily Lazar, according to Wikipedia), in full regalia, explained to me and Brandon just how this multimedia onslaught began. Comic books, posters, albums -- we even saw one guy with a tattoo! This band is growing faster and faster, and they've got their next release ready to drop pretty soon. They're also associated with the incredible Marc Silvestri of Top Cow Productions, in case you were wondering about her street cred in the comics world.

Mostly, though, she was just pretty cool. Keep an eye out for new videos coming up in the next week or so with the acoustic set they played for us here at our studios.