I guess Ted Cruz, widely acknowledged to be the most unpopular man in the senate, was just waiting for Beto to officially become his opponent to bestow this musical gem upon the world. This is not a joke. This is actually a Cruz campaign ad that is running on the radio throughout the state of Texas. I’ve got a couple nits to pick over this song but, first, here it is...

  1.  In the very first verse they rhyme “man” with “man”. That’ s just sloppy songwriting, man. If you go to rhymezone.com, a FREE website, they will give you, literally, dozens of rhymes for the word “man”.
  2. The song makes fun of Beto for going by the nickname “Beto”. First, always a sure sign of strong campaign: “My opponent has a funny sounding name”. Secondly, Ted Cruz’s real name is RAPHAEL! Glass houses, Rafa. Glass houses.
  3. I remember when I first registered as a Republican. It was because I saw the GOP as the “adults” in the political conversation. Let’s just say, times have sure changed since then.

Here’s a Ted Cruz jingle that I think conveys much more accurate and reliable information about the Texas senate race. This is vital information everyone thinking of voting in November should have.

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