The show about nothing is reuniting for something. Julia Louis-Dreyfus, Jason Alexander, Larry David, host Seth Meyers, and other special guests will gather virtually for an fundraiser for the Texas Democratic Party. The "Fundraiser About Something" will take place on Friday, October 23 at 8 P.M. Eastern.

In celebration of the huge voter turnout for early voting in Texas, and in an effort to turn Texas blue, the actors and creator of "Seinfeld" will be picking their favorite "Seinfeld" episodes and discussing them. In a joint statement, Larry David, Julia Louid-Dreyfus and Jason Alexander stated:

“Texas is a battleground state, period. We knew that we had to reunite for something special and the movement on the ground for Texas Democrats up and down the ballot is the perfect opportunity to do just that. Texans are getting out to vote in droves and showing the world that Texas has never been a red state, it’s been a non-voting state. We couldn’t be more thrilled to host a ‘fundraiser about something’ for a terrific organization like the Texas Democratic Party, who are building the movement necessary to turn Texas blue in 14 days.”

Democratic Party Chair Gilberto Hinojosa issued the following statement:

“The Texas Democratic Party could not be more thrilled or excited to have members from the cast of Seinfeld reunite to turn Texas blue. The eyes of the world are on us. We’re building the movement necessary to be victorious in 14 days."

Recently, we've seen lots of other popular show casts reunite for election day like "The West Wing" and "Hamilton" casts. Similarily, the "Happy Days" cast will also reunite for a virtual fundraiser for the Democratic Party of Wisconsin on Sunday.

Early voting in Texas runs through October 30th.

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