It's time for the friends to gather at the movies to see their favorite foursome of geriatric, comedic powerhouses on the big screen. If you've been a fan of the morning show, you know that Joanna, Nico, and I are all big fans of the "Golden Girls." Growing up, that show always dealt with real-life issues in a funny yet sincere way that resounded with critics and fans alike. There was always a "Golden Girls" episode you could refer to for almost anything you or your family were dealing with. From having a family member who came out as gay, interracial relationships, dating a younger man, and the constant bickering between loved ones.

"The Golden Girls" was a show that everyone in the family could enjoy and people to this day still find themselves rewatching over and over again. Now, Fathom Events wants to bring Golden Girl lovers to the movies to gather and laugh at some of their favorite episodes on the big screen.

On Tuesday, September 14th and Tuesday, September 21st there will be a special screening of "Forever Golden! A Celebration of the Golden Girls" at Cinemark movie theaters. This is the first time "The Golden Girls" episode will be shown in theaters and they have chosen some fo the most iconic episodes that you can watch.

  • The Pilot- The first episode that made us all fall in love with these four women
  • The Flu- When they all get sick with the flu but have an important banquet to attend to see who will be the winner of an award
  • The Way We Met- Where we find out how these four unique women came to be living together in the first place
  • Ladies of the Evening- Tickets to see the new Burt Reynolds movie and a chance to meet the dreamy actor pit the ladies against each other
  • Grab That Dough- The ladies see an opportunity to win some easy money but nothing goes right for them

These are some iconic episodes that will surely bring a smile to your face. To purchase tickets, please visit the Fathom Events website.

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