Celebrate Santa's scary helper at this unique Art Show and Market happening on the east side.

Some people love to get scared, more than they love feeling jolly. If you are one of those people, then the half goat- half demon Krampus is right up your alley. On Krampus Night, Santa goes out with his demonic helpers to see which children have been naughty or nice. Instead of the usual coal that naughty kids are given. Krampus wears loud bells and chains and gets to terrorize naughty kids. They also traditionally carry whips and branches to beat children with, although I think corporal punishment is frowned upon now. But who knows? They can also be seen with baskets that they pick up kids in to take to the nearest river so they can go on their merry way to hell.

Krampus has become more and more popular in America, with many cities having festivals and parades bringing the myth to reality. Now it looks like El Paso is ready to embrace the legend of Krampus by having our very own Krampus Fest Art Show and Market on December 15th at El Paso Cookie, Inc. El Paso Cookie Inc. is located at 3020 Trawood Suite F. The Art show and market will be from 7 pm to 12 am and there will be various activities to participate in including a Krampus walk and contest! There will also be food, art vendors, performers, live music and more. Find out more details about this event at the Facebook Event Page. Also learn more about the history of Krampus at the This Is Insider website.

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