The next time you're driving on Scenic Drive you will notice new signs that have been put up. I have been driving on Scenic Drive for the longest time and noticed the brand new signs. I am guessing they were put up around the time that the trash bins were overflowing with trash. I also recall once I was driving to the Westside the trash bin in the parking area by the Police Academy was full. That trash bin was so full that people placed their pizza boxes and bottles on top of the trash bin. Since that time the City of El Paso has now put up signs at every parking area that prohibits picnicking. Everyone knows it isn't a pretty sight to see especially for tourists who like checking out Scenic Drive. In fact, seeing the trash just left there can be an eyesore and won't leave them with a good impression. Not only is it an eyesore for some but it kills the vibe since the smell of the trash sitting around all day doesn't help either.

Now since there are signs that are banning picnicking at all parking areas have you wonder who will actually listen. I remember at one point when they had closed the scenic viewing areas people were ignoring rules and still parking to enjoy the view. It makes you wonder who will continue to still have a picnic on Scenic Drive despite the signs. Now if you're going to be one of the people who go ignore the sign, hopefully, you at least dispose of your trash properly in a trash bin elsewhere.

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