If you missed out on the Foo Fighters performance on Saturday Night Live, you can hear it here! The band members put on a really awesome Christmas medley along with their lady back up singers.

Saturday Night Live had the Foo Fighters as special musical guests not too long ago on their evening broadcast. They first started off their set with a dark room and the spotlight featured on Dave Grohl. Of course, Dave Grohl is into the Christmas spirit by sporting his not so ugly Christmas sweater. They first started off with "Everlong" then casually let the ladies take it away with "Christmas (Baby Please Come Home)" and closed with "Linus and Lucy"  after. So if you had other plans on the night the Foo Fighters performed on Saturday Night Live you can catch their set above.

The Foo Fighters sure do know how to get you from bahumbug to Christmas giddy real quick!

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