I had my own experience with a house party this past weekend. One of my neighbors decided now was the perfect time throw a huge party with a DJ so loud it sounded like the party was inside my garage. Seriously, I had to put ear muffs on my kid just so she could sleep. My wife and I spent some time hanging out on our front patio with a drink waiting to see if the cops would show up. They did, and it was hilarious. Some of the people at the party thought they were getting busted for throwing a party during the COVID-19 pandemic. Honestly, they should have.It's dips***s like this that keep the numbers going up. But when the cops showed up the entertainment was worth it. A guy and a girl were hurrying across the street right in front of our house after the cops showed up and we hear the guy going "Just get in the car. Just get... in... the... car."

A homeowner in Santa Teresa wasn't so lucky. Phillip Gonzalez had the cops show up at his house back on August 16th and he was cited for being a 'social host'. There were also charges of underage drinking at this party as well. The police department wrote on Facebook:

It is very important and we stress that as a community, we abide by state and local ordinances/orders.

Jurisdiction for the unincorporated community of Santa Teresa lies with the Sunland Park Police Department.


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