There are a few really iconic places in El Paso and the surrounding areas that you need to visit at least once in your life. One of those places is the Licon Dairy in San Elizario. The family run dairy makes the best asadero cheese you've ever put in your mouth, and they also sell butter and milk from their cows.

Years ago, the family started a petting zoo. The petting zoo started with goats and other farm animals, but in recent years, they have added other animals like deer, a pond with geese and ducks, and even the occasional ostrich. It's really been a fun place to check out with kids.

Unfortunately, the petting zoo is closed until further notice because a number of their animals were slaughtered by dogs overnight. The Licon Dairy posted this notice on their Facebook page:

We are closing our petting zoo until further notice. We are looking for the owners of a German Shepherd and a black pitbull mix from Glorietta and Quemada street in the San Elizario area. These dogs came in last night and slaughtered a total of 10 animals and severely injured more. Our entire livestock including deer, sheep and swan were killed. We have had these pets for over 10 years and we are devastated. We ask for help from our community to find the owners so the can be held liable. We apologize to our customers. Any information on the owners please call us at 915-851-2705.

If you have any information on this horrible attack, please call 915-851-2705. We hope the Licon Dairy petting zoo reopens soon.

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