I bet this isn't something they tell you on the Riverwalk boat tour!

I have always been told that if I visit San Antonio, the Riverwalk is something I would enjoy. To which I, respectfully, say, it's a river, what's the big deal? Well, this story now has me convinced that I should probably visit.

The Riverwalk, known for its picturesque scenery, lined with beautiful landscapes and towering cypress trees has a Rainforest Café that people seem to love. The Rainforest Café is a pretty cool rainforest themed restaurant. So, in the area that it's at makes perfect sense. So if you're like, you're wondering what's the big deal? I thought the same thing- a Riverwalk and a Rainforest Cafe don't seem to really stand out.

But then I stumbled upon this TikTok of that particular Rainforest Café, and I have to admit, it sounds like something that should be talked about more! This is according to the TikTok account @unrefined_paranormal- that Rainforest Café used to be a crematorium!

Okay, yeah. looking at that building, you just KNOW that it has to have some sort of insane history! The whole throwing the ashes in the river, though, is wild! It really seems like back in those days no one cared about disposing of human remains properly; it would be illegal today to do that!

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So, are there ghosts in that Rainforest Cafe? Well, a worker took to the comments to confirm that yes, there are indeed ghosts! But that shouldn't come as a surprise, it would seem to me that the entire area would be haunted! Next time you visit the Riverwalk and you see something unusual. don't freak out.

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