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Almost everyone enjoys staring at the sky and admiring how the clouds look. Especially on the days, the weather is gloomy-like. Some of us can even say we turned admiring the sky into a game at times.

I'm sure you've done it with family and friends, since sometimes it is fun to stare at the white fluffy clouds high above us.

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Here is how you can play a game with the clouds. Basically, you have to find a cloud in the sky that resembles some kind of image. That is it. That is the game.

Now, many years ago my co-worker and I both noticed how one section of clouds seemed to have formed a dolphin. He saw it as did I, and it was gnarly.

Veronica Gonzalez
Veronica Gonzalez

You can see the image of what we believe it to be a dolphin cloud in a picture I took in 2017, using Snapchat.

I actually shared pictures of the El Paso sky with you before. You refresh your memory by simply clicking here.

Apparently, people in San Antonio, Texas had quite the view above. A San Antonio woman, Oriana Arce, has probably been receiving praise from fellow spiritual believers after sharing her amazing picture on Facebook.

via Oriana Arce Facebook
via Oriana Arce Facebook

Do you see the same image as Oriana does?

Cloud Image of God

Should you need assistance, just focus on the clouds in the sky. It looks as if God is reaching down to bless someone.

Oriana Arce sure is lucky to have been able to witness this firsthand. Hopefully, you are able to make out what the clouds seem to be forming up above.

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