This past week, Peloton was the topic of conversation for everybody after the high-end exercise equipment company released a commercial entitled "The Gift that Gives Back." At first glance, it doesn't seem so bad, but as the commercial progresses, it gets weird.

The 30 second ad sparked a ton of controversy and was deemed as "sexist and dystopian." The commercial certainly has a "Black Mirror" feel but I would hardly call it sexist. It is entertaining to make fun of the commercial, as we did on the Morning Show, and the ad obviously worked because EVERYONE was talking about Peloton. The company came out saying that maybe everyone just misinterpreted the ad. It's cheesy, but ultimately I couldn't help but wonder: do I want a Peloton now?

After the backlash, Peloton's stock plunged 15% , but it was also a new era for the actress dubbed "Peloton Wife." The actress, whose real name is Monica Ruiz has nothing bad to say about the ad but did feel overwhelmed with the attention she's received. She appeared once more in everyone's feed as "Peloton Wife," this time, for Ryan Reynolds' gin, Aviation Gin. This time, she's assured that she's safe, and that she looks great as she is, trading in her vigorous early morning workouts for a stiff drink.


No word yet on where Peloton woman will go next.

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