While we all wait for the real zombie apocalypse, why not prepare with this awesome race!

The great people of Erace3 Productions are teasing runners and zombie fans with this ad for the Running Dead 5K. This weekend they will host the Color My Cause 5k at Ascarate Park and will be registering runners interested to challenge the zombies for only $30. Online registration for the Running Dead 5K will start on July 24th for $35.

I'll be running and signing up for this race but don't miss KLAQ's Great River Raft Race this weekend!

With all the zombie talk that goes on in the studio, I would love to see some KLAQ staff run this! This video is of another zombie race but is what I expect to see at the Running Dead 5K.  After watching this guy dressed up as Waldo lose all his flags, Lauren may have a point in just becoming a zombie instead of fighting.


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