With the newly reunited original lineup of Black Sabbath hard at work on a new studio album and a world tour around the corner, it’s hard not to think about the history of the band, and what the late Ronnie James Dio might think about the four original members coming together for one last hurrah.

Given his positive spirit towards life and music, it’s easy to believe he’d happy for them, and his wife Wendy Dio recently confirmed just that. She told Artisan News, “I think Ronnie would have given it his blessing. It’s the right thing to do.” Wendy admits, “They were the innovators of rock ‘n’ roll and they need to finish as… They’re legends — complete legends.”

Regarding the reunion, she went as far to say, “I think it will be fantastic and I think Ronnie would have totally given his blessing.”

Ronnie James Dio, a legend in his own right, fronted the band sporadically throughout his substantial career, with stints from 1979-1982 and again from 1991-1992. He then reunited with members of Sabbath again in the 21st century for the outfit Heaven & Hell before he passed away in 2010 at the age of 67.

In the same video interview, onetime Black Sabbath singer Glenn Hughes, who fronted Black Sabbath on their 1985 release ‘Seventh Star,’ insisted he was happy about the reunion, too:

“I think it’s wonderful that Ozzy now is sober and willing to bring it all together,” Hughes said. “I think that just shows the kind of man that he has now become. And he has always been a lovely, good friend to me. But it just shows how far they have come as brothers to come together at this time. I think it’s perfect timing.”

Sounds like the Sabbath camp has a lot of support from their past recruits!

Watch Wendy Dio and Glenn Hughes Talk About the Sabbath Reunion