This is bound to be the best news you’ve heard all year — experts say that giving up drinking for the month of January to detox from holiday binges is a bad idea.

Most likely, if a person decides to go cold turkey on the happy juice for a month, he’s only going to feel it’s acceptable to consume more later. Experts say that taking a few weeks off will give the liver a break, but won’t heal any damage done by already being a heavy drinker. In fact, a short break can make it more difficult for the organ when the drinker resumes his old habits.

According to Dr. Mark Wright, a consultant hepatologist for a hospital in the UK, “Detoxing for just a month is medically futile. It feeds the idea that you can abuse your liver as much as you like and then sort everything out with a quick fix.” He added, “The liver is fantastic at detoxing – that’s what it does. But if you think giving it a rest will help, you’re wrong.”

There you go, an expert opinion that taking a break from drinking won’t do you any good. So, keep drinking, and see you at the bar Friday. Kidding. See you tonight.

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