According to the Texas Department of Transportation, a 120 foot long, 300,000 pound steel cap will be traveling through the westside of El Paso this morning to get to its final destination between Executive and Schuster.

The rolling closures will start at 9 a.m. when the large, steel cap begins its journey at I-10 East and Artcraft. The tractor trailer will then slowly make its way along I-10 East towards Executive and Schuster. According to KVIA, the large load will be blocking two lanes of traffic on the freeway as it slowly moves through the area. The load will take several hours to move, possibly until 1 p.m.

Mesa street is the alternative route to get through the westside of El Paso to downtown or the East side. There are also several other closures happening on the westside of El Paso this week. Find out more information at the TxDOT website.

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