It's pretty hard to top the fact(s) that there will be gallons of beer and admission is FREE but, here are the next best reasons to go!

The 915 Beerfest is Saturday and, along with all the beer, games, beer, food, beer, fun and beer, there will also be plenty of live music! Local Locos will be playing several different genres of music including, of course, ROCK!!

Here's the lineup:

Not only are we keeping the music local, a bunch of the beers available will be locally made as well by Blazing Tree Brewing, Deadbeach Brewery, El Paso Brewing, and Ode Brewing.  Everything begins at 2:00pm, Oasis Hot Tubs will have games you can win cool prizes playing and there will be plenty of food to go with all the different beers.

  • What: 915 BeerFest
  • When: Saturday, 3/31/18, from 2pm - 12am
  • Where: 406 Durango Street, El Paso, Texas
  • Why:  'Cuz it's going to be a BLAST
  • How (much): Admission is FREE