With every new year comes the thought that maybe just maybe my favorite bands will get themselves the worthy nod of getting inducted into the Rock N Roll Hall of Fame. The question is, does the band care, and why do I?

It's hard to care when certain bands just don't seem to give a crap so why is there an institution if it's not received the way fans would like. I've watched a handful of these shows in the past years and yes it truly is a honor. Let's face it when bands are in the beginning stages the hardest part is finding your groups signature sound. The interesting part of any group are the vocals period. It sets the stage for the majesty that brings success and failures.

Being a avid fan of all things rock I'm still waiting to see when Motley Crue will find themselves along with a plethora of the best names in music! Who are the bands you would like to see get in?