Rob Halford‘s former manager John Baxter to Judas Priest and their management: You’ve got another thing comin’.

Baxter, who managed Halford from 1982 until August of this year, when he was fired, is suing Halford, other members of the band and its management for fraud, breach of contract and international interference with contractual relations, according to He’s asking for around $50 million in damages.

Rolling Stone reports that Baxter says he found out in August that Halford owes him millions dating back to 1992 for contract breaches, including failing to pay commissions, salary and expenses. He claims Halford told him he couldn’t pay what he owed but would pay in full when he could.

Baxter found out he was no longer Halford’s manager on Aug. 9 when he received a letter from a British law firm that stated he had failed to “act in our clients best interests.” Halford’s camp accused him of intentionally withdrawing his sponsorship of the singer’s U.S. visa to keep him from entering the country and that he made disparaging remarks on Halford’s Web site which “placed an intolerable strain upon our clients’ ability to maintain constructive and professional relations with the remaining members of Judas Priest.”

Two defendants in the case, Jayne Andrews Judas Priest’s manager and Andrew Thompson,the attorney whose company sent Baxter his termination letter, told Rolling Stone they have not seen the lawsuit and asserted that Baxter’s claims are false.