I have seen and heard about road rage that goes down in El Paso since my high school days. People with road rage can take it far and use their vehicle as a deadly weapon or an actual weapon.

About 3 years ago someone I used to work with was on her way home and was a victim of road rage. She was driving down the 601 Spur and someone kept tailing her and pulled up next to her window and pointed a gun at her. After the incident, she did place a police report and was nervous to drive on the road again. El Paso does have a slight road rage problem and hopefully doesn't get worse in the future. I was a victim of road rage in high school when I was going to lunch with friends and this other student tried running me off the road! It was a scary situation and that is nothing compared to what others have had. Now and days someone will shoot you for simply getting in their lane or for following the speed limit. A&E's Live PD caught these two couples who part of a road rage incident not too long ago. This is a big problem, and a few years back you can see another road rage accident that occurred on the I-10 from a couple years ago.

Now if you've witnessed road rage on the roads in El Paso take the poll below!

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