This Valentine's Day at the El Paso Zoo, they're feeding cockroaches to the animals, and you can name one after an ex.

All too often the sting of love can hurt too deep. This is why, this year, the El Paso Zoo is bringing back their popular event for Valentine's Day called the, "Quit Bugging Me Valentine’s Day event."

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According to the zoo, "Zookeepers will feed Madagascar hissing cockroaches, named after ex-lovers, to different zoo animals including meerkats, birds, and primates. The cockroaches will not only serve as a treat for the zoo animals but will also give everyone a chance for relationship closure."

“Insects are actually the perfect protein and have been consumed by humans since the beginning of time. Today, they are a special treat for our animal friends,” said El Paso Zoo and Botanical Gardens Director, Joe Montisano. “The fact that you can assign a name of a former spouse, a boss or really anyone or anything that is bugging you adds a cathartic aspect to this event. I know I will be purchasing a few cockroaches named for COVID-19, face masks, and maybe even an ex-wife or two!”

Last year, the Zoo received more than 10,000 name submissions from people from 85 countries and they raised more than $10,000 in donations.

The Zoo will feed the roaches to the animals on Saturday, February 12; Sunday, February 13; and, of course, on Valentine’s Day, Monday, February 14.

All three feedings will be streamed on the El Paso Zoo Facebook Page.

For more information about the Quit Bugging Me Valentine’s Day event, visit the El Paso Zoo at


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