This morning we had Congressman Silvestre Reyes in our studio talking about his campaign.  When the topic of rethinking America's drug policy came up, Congressman Reyes staunchly defended the War on Drugs and argued for the importance of keeping drugs, including marijuana, illegal.

I find nothing hypocritical about Congressman Reyes' position.

I think there are many, many people (my parents and every adult I knew as a child) who will never give an inch on this issue.  That is a perfectly valid point of view.  If you sincerely believe that cannabis is such a danger to society that it is worth the billions in tax dollars we spend each year fighting it, the billions more we lose out on in potential tax revenue, and the tens of thousands of Americans that go into our prison system each year because of nothing more than mere possession of marijuana...then we disagree. But it's an honest disagreement that we're both coming at from positions of earnestness.

What I can't stand though, is hypocrisy.  Many of our elected leaders, included three consecutive presidents have admitted using drugs (2 Dems admitted, 1 Republican who didn't need to) to one extent or another.   Penn Jillette makes several excellent points in a rant he went on on his podcast, "Penn's Sunday School".  How can a politician remain in favor of our country's insane drug policy when they themselves did the exact same thing that have landed other, less fortunate Americans in prison? Watch the video and see if you share in this outrage...