I give up. I’m on the fence with my presidential vote. So, I’m leaving it up to YOU to decide who I should vote for.

My brains says we should probably cut back on spending, so let’s vote for the Republicans. My heart says, “Oh. But what about all the poor sick people! Let’s vote Obama!” More importantly, my lady bits look at the Republican party and say, “WHAT. THE. HELL, Richard Mourdock?! Rape is NOT God’s will.

With all the debates, emails, social media takeovers, and general gossip, I’m exasperated. All my give-a-damn is gone.  So it’s up to you, El Paso. Take my poll below and tell me who to vote for. Keep in mind, I’m registered in New Mexico... so my vote is worth a LOT since Governor Martinez makes votes from white Republicans count twice.