The owner of a restaurant in Monroeville, Pennsylvania banned children under six from his establishment and has actually seen a boom in business.

The past summer Mike Vuick, owner of McDain’s Restaurant and Golf Center, forbid his customers from bringing children younger than the age of 6. Despite public outcry from parents, the move seems to have paid off both for his bottom line and his customers. Viuck told The Daily Mail that he has seen a 20% increase in his business.

In fact, the response Vuick has received has been overwhelmingly positive and all the extra media attention attracts customers from across the country looking to enjoy a meal without the piercing screams of misbehaving children.

Badabopbopba…he’s loving it! He chose to ‘have it his way.’ Where’s the beef? At McDain’s… but there ain’t no kids. Please ask us to stop before we come up with an unfunny pun about Sbarro’s.