It's been over a year since the first COVID-19 case was discovered in Wuhan, China and were nearing the one-year anniversary of the pandemic affecting our everyday, American life. While we all know we should be staying home and social distancing as much a possible, many are feeling pandemic fatigue and wanting to venture out of their homes more often. Luckily, there is an activity you can enjoy here in town where you can get out of the house and still try to social distance. Various movie theaters across the city are allowing individuals, families, and groups of friends to rent out a private movie theater to enjoy the latest films on the big screen. This allows people to know exactly who is sitting next to them during the outing since you decide who you want to come to the theater with you. You can select exactly how many people you feel comfortable being around in the theater, spread out seating, and take comfort knowing you're in a safer, more sanitary environment than you would get at other public outings.

Renting out private movie screens to guests is a win-win for both the consumer and the company since movie theaters have been especially hard hit due to the pandemic. With Hollywood releasing fewer blockbuster films and the public still being wary of spending hours of time around strangers, private movie screenings get people into the theaters in a situation they can feel more comfortable in. While some consumers might be worried about the cost of renting a theater, the prices end up being a pretty good deal for moviegoers. Not to mention several theaters across town are offering rentals so there is a convenient location in your neighborhood you can check out. The Premiere Cinemas movie theater in central allows you to rent a private theater starting at $75, and on the westside, the Alamo Drafthouse theater will let you rent a theater starting at $150. Cinemark movie theaters have several locations around town you can visit and a private screening starts at $99. The cost of the rental depends on the movie you choose and the number of people in your party. Click on the links above to find out about the specific requirements for each theater.

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