Easter is right around the corner, April 4!  For everyone who celebrates that means one thing, bunnies! Bunnies everywhere.

Unfortunately for Peter Cottontail, he won't last long after Easter. Before you go out and buy your little one a cute bunny, consider that while they're cute and tiny and fluffy now, they won't remain that way forever.

80% of bunnies bought as Easter presents are either abandoned at shelters or worse. According to the Humane Society, bunnies are the third most abandoned pet after cats and dogs.

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And according to National Geographic, bunnies make bad pets for kids as they aren't easy to care for: “Vets and insurance companies consider them exotic pets, so medical care can be more expensive than for a cat or dog,” they reported. “Rabbits need a lot of exercise and shouldn’t simply be pent up in a cage. This means they need to learn to use a litterbox (yes, rabbits can be potty trained), which takes patience, just as it does for cats.”

The novelty of a pet bunny wears off and most young kids aren't going to want to have to train a pet. Obviously, you would know your kids better, if you know they'd be responsible about it- get them the bunny! However, before you decide that getting a bunny for Easter is a genius idea, stop and imagine yourself picking up bunny droppings because we all know that parents are the ones who end up taking over!

As with any pet, it's a huge responsibility to have a pet bunny and if you don't want to end up in the 80% who don't take care of it, you're better off just admiring the bunnies in movies like "Hop" and "Peter Rabbit."


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