Our annual monsoon season arrived right on time the summer of '06, making things hot and muggy. Then the rains came. And they wouldn't stop...

El Paso isn't used to weeks of nonstop rain so, our drainage systems failed quickly. Several areas were evacuated. Shelters were set up for those who no longer had a safe place to go, it was unreal. Levees broke under the pressure. Homes and businesses were washed away and/or destroyed. Cars and trucks were pushed around like toys. Seriously, watch the videos.

My most outstanding memory of that summer is the '06 KLAQ bbq. Not the show itself but, trying to HAVE the freakin' show. Western Playland had just moved to Sunland Park and we were breaking it in with Smashmouth and Rev Theory. We were next to the Rio Grande so, as water poured down, it also welled UP.  The portable stage we brought in was sinking and totally unstable.

Now, bands have canceled on us in the past but we, the Q staff, never give up. We packed up everything ... the equipment, amps, PA, bands, gear ... and moved it all to Club 101. We started late as hell but, we did it.

Take's more than flooding of biblical proportions to stop our parties!

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