Lately, I have been wondering whatever happened to a local band we all enjoyed hearing at shows. That local band I am wondering about was known as Finish The Fight. I am sure some of you remember the local band Finish The Fight. That band was quite popular around 915 for some time, especially with the ladies. One day when I was going through some old boxes I came across some pictures of Michael and me. Michael was the lead singer for the local band Finish The Fight. He was such a cool guy to hang out with and talk to after the shows. After coming across the pictures I tried Googling the band and the only thing that surfaced was their old MySpace page.

Not sure if you've tried searching for them on Facebook already but don't bother because nothing comes up. Yes, as you can tell I have already tried almost everything and nothing comes up. Surprisingly the only thing I was able to find was a video (above) from their performance at Taste of Chaos in 2006. I am not sure if you remember how Finish The Fight opened up for major bands back in the day. The photo you will see below is of me and Michael after one of his shows at the good old Tricky Falls. Not sure about you but I sure as hell miss hearing their music at shows. If you've never seen or heard them before feel free to give Finish The Fight a listen above.

Veronica Gonalez
Veronica Gonalez
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