From 1952-1985, the show that would bring you the latest in music was American Bandstand, hosted by Dick Clark. And of course the big part of the show was not only the names of the artists that would perform, but it was the dancing. People from all over the United States appeared on the show.

Teens dance on 'American Bandstand'
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During it's 30 year run, I wondered if anyone from El Paso appeared on the show.

On the El Paso Reddit page, a user by the name of 'gaggleosquirrels" shared a video of a couple of dance finalists from El Paso on American Bandstand. The video was uploaded from a YouTube channel called "YouCanDanceToIt!". On the channel is many archived episodes of American Bandstand in both color AND black & white. The episode we're talking about was the one that aired May 30,1970 (Season 13, Episode 39). 6 couples appeared as finalists on that episode & one couple was from El Paso.

You can find them at the 12:46 mark in this part 2 video of that very episode:

If you want to watch to just the dance portion, there exists a video of just the dancing, but it's in black and white.

What's interesting is that when you watch the video, Dick Clark says "you were here last year". So when I looked up the episodes from "last year", it would've aired in 1969 & sure enough: Season 12, Episode 40 aired June 7, 1969 & according to the IMDB description, there were couples from 7 different cities. One of them being... EL PASO.

Unfortunately, at the moment, there's no footage of that episode online but if Dick said they were on the show, it's very likely they were the same couple from 1969.

So where IS the couple now? Well just like the footage of the 1969 episode, there's really no information on who or where the couple is. They DID say their names when they were introduced but it's a little difficult to hear because of the video quality. But I'm hoping we find out more about who these two people were because I just love learning about interesting stuff like this!

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