A lot of us feel lucky we survived our party days in Juarez years ago. Looking back some of us probably wonder how we are still alive today after some chaotic party days across the border. Either you had some crazy times that you don't remember how you managed to cross back over to El Paso or stayed stuck in J-Town.

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Either way, a lot of us the majority of the time had a blast despite some unfortunate circumstances. One of the times I had gone to Juarez with my sister and our friends gave me the biggest scare of my life.

My sister and some of our friends were already the legal age to drink in the U.S. except for me. So the times they partied in Juarez were the times I could join in on the fun.

One night we all decided to party in Juarez on the strip along Av. Benito Juarez where the strip lays where we spent our high school party days. The one night we hit up Renos was the night they let us stay after the last call.

I remember it clear as day how it all went down that night that had me freaking the hell out. When we stayed after closing time the Juarez police weren't thrilled about it.

They started banging on the front entrance at Renos telling the staff to open the doors.

Of course, the staff at Renos didn't want any problems so they stuffed the leftover afterparty group in a small kitchen area and locked the door behind us. A lot of us were worried about what could possibly happen next as we tried to find an exit to sneak out of.

We could hear them yelling and then heard a door slam shut outside of the room we were hiding in. The Renos staff then told us we had to leave and let us out through the back.

Plus a lot of us can't forget the ever-so-popular Esther who ran the doors at the Tequila Derby and Renos sometimes. Tequila Derby was where you saw the craziest things go down right in front of your eyes. For example, it was the spot ladies could jump up on the bar tables and dance like the video below features.

Generation Alpha won't get to experience the craziness we did at the strip in Juarez just across from the Paso Del Norte Bridge.

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