John Madden passed away yesterday at the age of 85 and one way to remember him is by visiting one of his favorite restaurants in the country. Sports fans were heartbroken to find out about the passing of football icon John Madden. Depending on your knowledge of football and your age will show how you know Madden.

Madden was drafted to the Philadelphia Eagles in 1958 but was injured before he was able to even play a game professionally.

Thankfully, Madden found he was able to mix his love for teaching with his love for the game and began coaching a couple of years later. Madden went on to become the head coach for the Oakland Raiders from 1969 to 1978 where he would coach the team to their win at Super Bowl XI.

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After, Madden became one of the most well-known sports broadcasters of all time till his retirement in 2008.

While broadcasting, Madden allowed video game company EA Sports to use his voice, personality, and name for their "Madden NFL" football video game which ended up being a great financial decision. The video game series went on to become one of the most popular video game series of all time.

While there are plenty of football reasons to know Madden, people in the small West Texas town of Van Horn may know Madden as the nice guy who stopped by at a local restaurant to have some of his favorite food.

In Van Horn, there's a small Mexican restaurant Chuy's, where Madden would make a point to stop and get food every time he drove through the area. Madden was famous for not taking planes to football games preferring to drive cross-country in a bus during the NFL season.

Chuy's even has a "Haul of Fame" section, according to KFOX News, a corner of the restaurant dedicated to their most famous customer.

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