Attention Westboro .......

F*** you.



Veronica Simental Those ppl are idiots its because of our soldiers that they have the freedom to do that shit they should be grateful
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Soilo Willie Chacon Let's get those bastards out of here!

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Jo Dorkyqueen Stapleton I was there at the church with lots of people with flags blocking them off, although i didn't see much of them though. But what a great support and the Patriot guards are awesome !!!

Clarissa Yvette Martinez great job klaq for ur support and everyone else who made it out there!!!

Bonnie Madrid Rodriguez Those idiots shud respect the family in this time of sorrow. GOD BLESS OUR TROOPS!

Nicole Michelle Taylor It makes me so proud to see everyone out here supporting the family. Its amazing how fast everyone pulled together to protect them from the wbc morons.

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Superior Auto-Detail These guys are IDIOTS!! Do they not know its because of these fallen soldiers they have the freedom to go out and protest!!?? effin idiots! I bet a couple of them are still in the closet just doing to this to prove ppl otherwise

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Kaitlyn McDaniel I heard about those bastards last night and it made me sick. Then I saw the outpouring of support for the family from the community and I felt all warm n' fuzzy. Huge heartfelt thank-you to everyone who can make it out there to keep the crazies at bay :') ♥

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And that's only a few of the comments .......
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